Who is I.V. Endocrine?

Dr. Krutzik
Dr. Ramona Krutzik knows she is right where she's supposed to be. Growing up with a physician father, some might consider it obvious that she too would enter the profession. But, that wasn't necessarily always the case. At Berkeley, the intellectual challenges of Molecular Cell Biology caught her eye and she eventually went on to major in the discipline. It happened to be a particular class in Molecular Endocrinology that put her on the path to her current career.

However, deciding to become a doctor wasn't a decision to be made lightly. She spent a year after graduation exploring her feelings before being accepted into Medical School. Happily, she found her studies rewarding and even enjoyable, affirming that, indeed, this was the road she was meant to follow.

Internal Medicine held out two benefits for Dr. Krutzik that were hard to pass up. On one hand, she likened her specialty, Endocrinology, to detective work. It involved research and problem solving - something her training in Molecular Biology had well prepared her for. On the other hand, it also meant she would be interacting with many, many people. Without spending quality time with each patient, asking questions and compiling a thorough history, a competent diagnosis wouldn't be possible. For her, it would never just be about the numbers, and that's how she runs her practice to this day.

This is especially true when it comes to Diabetes, accounting for 50% of Dr. Krutzik's cases. Diabetes is a chronic disease. Patients need a caring and understanding doctor who can help them manage their disease through counceling and education rather than lecturing and just giving orders. They are much more likely to do as they are asked if they understand why they are doing it and how the drugs they are prescribed work in their bodies. Being able to motivate patients to modify their long established lifestyles is critical to helping them follow their treatment plans in order to live longer, healthier lives. This nonstop, positive encouragement happens every single time a patient walks through the door at IV Endocrine, and is a major reason why it has become such a thriving practice in the local community.

Which is also why, for Ramona Krutzik, being with her patients and improving their overall sense of well being is right where she's supposed to be.


Dr. Krutzik was in private practice in Orange County for four years prior to relocating to Brawley in September of 2007. She practices general Endocrinology and sees patients by referral. Dr. Krutzik has Hospital privileges at Pioneers Memorial Hospital

  • Undergraduate Education: UC Berkeley. Major in Molecular Cell Biology
  • Medical School: UCLA School of Medicine

  • Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine: UC Irvine Medical Center
  • Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism: UC Irvine Medical Center

  • Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
  • Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Licensed by the Medical Board of California
  • Accredited in Thyroid Ultrasound and Ultrasound Guided FNA Biopsy
  • Certified Clinical Densitometrist
  • Certified Insulin Pump Trainer

Professional Associations:
The Endocrine Society
The American Association for Clinical Endocrinologists
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
The California Medical Association
Imperial County Medical Society
Imperial Valley Breastfeeding Coalition