Testimonial - Freedom

Freedom, is what I call my pump.

Freedom, is what my pump gives.

Freedom, allows me to:
• sleep in when I want.
• eat breakfast as late as I want.
• eat lunch when I want. (or even skip lunch or other meal).
• eat dinner at a time that fits in with my day.
• eat a snack when I need or want.
• participate in activities without undue regard for my current insulin situation.
• be more involved in the management of MY diabetes.
• be more spontaneous to life.
• enjoy life more.
• expect more from life.
• eliminate many diabetic high / low mood swings.
• control my weight better.
• inconspicuously administer insulin, as needed.


The above is not necessarily a single favorable experience, but rather is how I see life with a pump (Freedom).

I would be more than willing to participate in the "Patient Ambassador Program".

By the way, my signature line of "Life Is Good" is something I started using about six months after getting my pump (Freedom). Is that just coincidence?