What to Expect at Your Office Visit

New patients

We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. We do not double book. Your appointment time is set aside just for you so we may devote this time to you. If you feel you might be late and need to cancel or reschedule, we ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice. Click here if your need to reschedule or cancel. By letting us know, we can make that time available for another patient who needs to be seen.

If you need to bring someone with you to your visit, we ask that you limit this to one person if possible. Our office is not very big and cannot accommodate large groups. That one person should be your spouse, parent, translator, caregiver or the any other relative who is most involved with your healthcare. We ask that you leave your children with a babysitter if you are able. We do understand that this is not always possible, and we are okay with that. Of course, babies are always welcome!

We will mail you your new patient forms prior to your visit. You may also download them here. We usually do not mail them a second time. Please have them completely filled out prior to your first visit and bring them with you. Also have your drivers license, insurance cards and pharmacy card with you so we can make copies. Note that we cannot see you without this information.

Please have your old records sent to us from your referring doctor or bring them with you. If you are a diabetic we ask that you also bring your meter and log book with you every time you come to see us. Be sure to bring a complete list of all your medications and supplements including doses and how you take them. Alternatively you can bring your bottles of medications to the visit if you wish.

When you arrive you will sign-in with the receptionist and she will complete the registration process with you. You will be asked to sign various forms that include release of records (if applicable), arbitration, cancellation policies and a privacy notice. Please review these forms carefully before signing.

After your registration is complete, the nurse will take you back to the examination room. She will proceed to take your weight, height, blood pressure, pulse and temperature. The nurse will also calculate your body mass index, measure your waist circumference and check your blood sugar. (We check a random blood sugar on all new patients due to the extremely high incidence of diabetes in our community.) After recording your measurements, she will then ask you a set of questions to gather information about your past medical history, surgical history, family history, social history and gynecologic history if you are a woman. She will also review all your medications and doses. After your interview is complete you will be ready to be see the doctor for the first time.

Follow up Patients

Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you feel you might be late and need to cancel or reschedule, we ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice. As an existing patient, you are aware of our cancellation policy. Click here if your need to reschedule or cancel.

If the doctor has asked you to have your blood drawn prior to your visit we strongly suggest that you do so. Your visit is much more valuable if we have results for you to discuss with the doctor. Plus, it saves you a return trip. If you are a diabetic, you need to bring your meter and/or log book to EVERY visit. The doctor will review this with you each time you are seen. This enables her to make the best decisions for you regarding your medication and insulin regimen. Without this information you might need to come back again. If you have had a medication change since your last visit please bring a list of changes or the new medications with you.

If you have any questions about your visit, please give us a call or click here to send us an email.

Thank You!